Uniquely crafted experiences

Africa is a mythical continent holding the promise of amazing adventures and unearthed treasures. From gliding over the dunes of Sossusvlei to river rafting down the Zambezi river, following herds of buffalo across the plains of the Kalahari and trekking over a desolate pan using the Southern Cross as a nocturnal guide, there is a unique path for each traveler that feels the magnetic pull of the Mother continent, Azania. Whether your discovery entails one night under the stars or a month-long expedition through the wilds, it is our privilege to bring together the right elements for your unique, personal journey.

Our desire is to craft a discovery within your parameters, rendering possible the explorations that you’re destined to experience – whether it entails flying in a charter plane, doing a guided walk in the bush, feeling the spray of the Victoria Falls on your face, poling a mokoro on a quiet river to observe the elephants crossing, or experiencing the various colours and hues of an early walk up Table Mountain, we’re there to make it happen.

We accommodate single and group travelers such as families, honeymoon couples and corporate adventurers, with the option of accompaniment if requested.