About us

Azania Voyages is based in Cape Town, an ideal vantage point to showcase the marvels of Sub-Saharan Africa.



Sofie left behind the hustle and bustle of Belgium for the Cape’s beaches and winelands a number of years ago and has not looked back …  She’s an expert in champagne appreciation, creative itineraries and the best restaurants in the surrounds. With an MBA to her name, she’s unstoppable – not only in business, but also in sports. Sofie is also fluent in Dutch, English and French and has many years of customer service management experience.




Elza has always been a nomad and has, from a young age, been exposed to travel and new discoveries. She has a passion for aviation and adventures, wherever the wind takes her. She’s successfully managed to remain interesting, despite being a chartered accountant and is forever taking her little boy, Benjamin, on gastronomical discoveries. Elza speaks Afrikaans, English and French, and has (clumsily) attempted her genius with Dutch and Chinese.

Elza has been co-piloting on safaris for the past 8 years and has a deep understanding of the intricacies of operating on the African continent. She is fully dedicated to ensure that clients are elated by their experiences every time.